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Hurricane Panels

They are a protection system against temporary hurricanes, they are placed before hurricanes pass and it is removed once it passes. They are made of Aluminum, and there is availability in Natural Silver and Transparent (only at the request of customers). For its placement, it is necessary to use tools such as: Ladders, Drills, Adjustable Keys and/or Helices, as well as labor with experience in the use of these tools to do this work. It requires temporary and safe storage, once the panels are removed. They are installed permanently. The manufacturing time is extremely fast, but in each hurricane season, you must assemble the panels and at the end, dismantle the panels. The price is lower than the Accordions, but it should be taken into account that in each active season someone must be hired to assemble and disassemble them and this process leads to a risk, which in turn could have associated costs.